Turkish Bath

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Relax, rejuvenate and reawaken your body and soul. Giving a break to your dense beat for the purpose of refreshing yourself, you can start a fairy trip in our Spa & Wellness Center. Just take a deep breath and a calmness that you experienced before you allow it to wrap.This is a skin care treatment that includes both traditional applications and peeling and foam massage. It has been designed with rubbing bricks seen also classical Turkish Baths. All sitting areas, central massage platform and walls are heated, and the heat reaches 55 degree F. The skin which removes dead cells with peeling relaxes thanks to foam massage

Viento SPA offers purification, relaxation and a soothing self-discovery. You will have an unforgettable experience at Santis SPA that opens the door into a world of relaxation, rejuvenation, perfect balance of mind, body and spirit

Peeling: Over the past 500 years and more in history of the Turkish Bath, dead skin, as a general body treatment, is being peeled off by means of a silk glove (in bag shape), so to open the pores. This treatment is made on the ‘Gobek Tasi’ (belly stone), a marble platform in the center of the Turkish Bath (Hamam)

Foam Massage: After the Peeling, the body is being cleaned with special fibre towels, whereby the foam massage renders relaxation and soothing to the cleansed body.

  • Peeling and foam massage
  • Foam massage
  • Coffee peeling
  • Peeling with sea salt
  • Cleopatra (with sea weeds)
  • Ottoman massage (with foam)
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