Viento Spa & Wellness

Our company has been serving for many years as Viento Spa. Viento Spa, giving service in Antalya for 7 years, also gives service in İstanbul by opening new offices. Carefully selected expert and experienced spa therapists are trained in certain periods. the only goal of our company is to offer our guests the best quality service. We provide this with our smiling and experinced staff. Our goal is to serve the larger businesses without giving comprimising from quality. With the Far Eastern massages made from our expert therapists from Far East and India, our menu is prepared in a very rich way. In Viento Spa, you can reach lots of massages such as stress, relax, Indian and Far Eastern massages, and the massages with the volcanic stones. In our spa center, all the important programmes are included such as traditional Ottoman massage, traditional cut foam massage, and bridal bath.

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